community learning

Taking a Holistic Approach to Learning: 3 steps to work with educators and support your child

Last month, we explored the behavioural signs that can indicate your child is struggling academically at school. However, difficulties with

environmental sustainability

Supporting your child’s future with learning about environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is our children’s future – here’s how you can support their learning about this at home. As Perth

assessment criteria

How school assessments are changing in response to Covid-19

In a previous article we described types of assessment processes and their function, and highlighted the key to understanding assessment

choosing a tutor

Is your child’s tuition REALLY individualised?

Ensuring that teaching is individualised to the student has been an important component of education for quite some time, with

choosing a tutor

Our Tutors’ Different Teaching Styles and Educational Philosophies

As a tutoring organisation, we often have parents asking us ‘Who is your best tutor?’ or ‘Which tutor should I

future of work

How can I help my child progress in our current and future high school environment? STEM, technology and the future

With digital technologies having such prevalence over our day-to-day lives, impacting how we work, socialise, relax and interact with the

English curriculum

How can I support my child across all key areas of literacy?

Literacy in our current and future societies is about so much more than the written word, and the Australian curriculum

creative writing

Why is my child’s writing taking so long to improve?

A common question parents ask is, ‘Why is my child’s writing taking so long to improve?’   This can be