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When Is It Beneficial to Use a Speech Pathologist? How they can help your child.

We develop our speech skills from a very young age, starting to develop sounds and mimic things we hear as

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When is it beneficial to use an OT? How they can help your child

Occupational Therapists provide such a wide range of support services for a myriad of areas, so they are often the

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What are a child’s developmental markers throughout primary school?

When becoming a parent there is a wealth of information on pregnancy and early childhood development – it is easy

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Are we underestimating what our kids can do?

One of our past staff members at My Academy recently shared a story about substitute-teaching a Year 3 class for

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Will your child be ready for school?

When children start school for the first time, they are suddenly immersed into a large group of children with varying

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Small groups accelerate learning in the younger years

In a previous article, the benefits of small group learning were discussed. In this article, we look at the particular