assessment criteria

How school assessments are changing in response to Covid-19

In a previous article we described types of assessment processes and their function, and highlighted the key to understanding assessment

assessment criteria

What is the focus of a task? Understanding assessment criteria and feedback.

Have you ever looked at the written feedback provided by a schoolteacher or tutor on one of your child’s pieces

exam time

How can I support my child with exam anxiety?

Guest Dr Marny Lishman shares tips on how to reduce stress in the lead up to exam time This month

choosing a tutoring centre

Spot the professional and the unprofessional in your online search for education support

We all know that seeking advice online is risky business.   Whether it’s Googling tax advice, a fine point of

consistent learning habits

Consistency is the key to success

It is the nature of human life to have to repeat things over and over to achieve lasting success. In

exam preparation

Learning from now until the next exam

How 1-1 learning can help your child maximise performance   For high school students who have just completed a round

Middle school

Towards Year 7 NAPLAN: Are our upper primary students being forgotten?

Last month we discussed the recent findings showing that students are failing to do well in the later years’ NAPLAN

choosing a tutoring centre

How do you know you’ve chosen a reputable tutor?

With the vast amount of information on the Internet, it can be overwhelming making choices about good service providers, and