education psychologists

When is it beneficial to take your child to see a psychologist or an ed psych?

People often associate visits with a psychologist with an individual reaching ‘breaking point’ or dealing with a severe life problem

learning difficulties

When Is It Beneficial to Use a Speech Pathologist? How they can help your child.

We develop our speech skills from a very young age, starting to develop sounds and mimic things we hear as

learning support

When is it beneficial to use an OT? How they can help your child

Occupational Therapists provide such a wide range of support services for a myriad of areas, so they are often the

education support

What educational services are at your disposal? Professionals that support and advise.

Last month we focused on the importance of a holistic approach to education; where supporting the whole child and their

community learning

Taking a Holistic Approach to Learning: 3 steps to work with educators and support your child

Last month, we explored the behavioural signs that can indicate your child is struggling academically at school. However, difficulties with


What are the behavioural signs that my child is struggling at school?

Just like with adults, children experience natural peaks and troughs in their mental health, outlook and productivity. However, parents should

developmental markers

Your Teenager’s Developmental Markers

Last month we explored the developmental markers which can define the primary school experience for a lot of children. This

environmental sustainability

Supporting your child’s future with learning about environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is our children’s future – here’s how you can support their learning about this at home. As Perth