education support

What educational services are at your disposal? Professionals that support and advise.

Last month we focused on the importance of a holistic approach to education; where supporting the whole child and their


What are the behavioural signs that my child is struggling at school?

Just like with adults, children experience natural peaks and troughs in their mental health, outlook and productivity. However, parents should

exam time

How can I support my child with exam anxiety?

Guest Dr Marny Lishman shares tips on how to reduce stress in the lead up to exam time This month

confidence at school

How do I help my child manage their expectations? Handling disappointment and celebrating small successes

The middle of the year is often a time where people evaluate how they have progressed towards their goals so

consistent learning habits

Consistency is the key to success

It is the nature of human life to have to repeat things over and over to achieve lasting success. In


Time to reset goals for 2020 (and what this must look like now)

In the current high-stress, uncertain environment, the idea of setting goals might seem overwhelming or pointless to someā€¦ and yet

coping with crisis

3 Key Principles for feeling in control when life is turned upside-down!

ImportantĀ coping principles and ways to apply them in your family during times of crisis As human beings and particularly as


Helpful v unhelpful praise

We want to encourage our children, so we praise them for being smart, or being good at things. But when