developmental markers

Your Teenager’s Developmental Markers

Last month we explored the developmental markers which can define the primary school experience for a lot of children. This

future of work

How can I help my child progress in our current and future high school environment? STEM, technology and the future

With digital technologies having such prevalence over our day-to-day lives, impacting how we work, socialise, relax and interact with the

English curriculum

How can I support my child across all key areas of literacy?

Literacy in our current and future societies is about so much more than the written word, and the Australian curriculum

future of work

High school in 2021: Where will your child need support?

The world that students now enter into when they begin high school is a different world from what it would

GATE selection

What level does my Year 6 child need to be at? Life after GATE & getting ready for high school

At My Academy the start of the year is historically the busiest time for us, with hundreds of students completing

exam preparation

Learning from now until the next exam

How 1-1 learning can help your child maximise performance   For high school students who have just completed a round


Getting your high school child back on track in 2020

Strategies to support high school learners   For the most part, we are back to school… but there is a

choosing a school

How to choose the best high school for your child

A consideration of which high school your child will go to starts early, but by this time of year it