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Find out how My Academy Online Creative Writing Workshops can help your child.

Our Online GATE (ASET) Creative Writing Workshops are an immersive program designed to inspire and empower writers of all levels. They are a great way to enhance your child’s general writing skills that are invaluable in school. The creative writing workshops have been split over four days with each day covering the major areas of creative writing: Character, Setting, Plot and Dialogue.

What can a My Academy Online Creative Writing Workshop offer?

Students will participate in fun drama and creative writing activities to encourage original story ideas and explore character, plot and description. They will work both individually and as a group to improvise original ideas and create written narrative pieces. Students will also be given the opportunity to share and discuss their work with the group.  As well as receive personalised feedback to help grow as a writer.

Students will only have a very short amount of time in the exams to show their creative writing skills and therefore being able to master the keys areas will enable them to write more confidently in the GATE (ASET) and scholarship exams. With so many students sitting the GATE (ASET) test, it can be very hard to stand out from the crowd.

How can a My Academy Online Creative Writing Workshop help?

Our program will look at various ways in which students can add detail and written features to their writing that interests and impresses the reader. Importantly, many of the skills and strategies we will cover also benefit students in their general schooling, and not just for the test.

You can choose the creative writing workshops that you would like your child to attend. Although it is possible to do just one area, we would recommend doing all four days as it is then a complete overview of creative writing.

The Creative writing workshops are run by a qualified teacher in the April school holidays and are limited to 8 students per group.

If you would like your child to work on any writing skills at other times, please do contact us and we will be able to help you choose a tutor or programme that is right for you.

The Creative WritingWorkshops run in the April School Holidays.  If it is not showing as available, it is either after April or fully booked.  All workshops are uploaded to book at the start of March ready for the new GATE cohort.

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