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Find out how a My Academy Online High School Tutor can help your child.

The high school tutors at My Academy are able to offer tutoring in any subject that is required. We have high school tutors that are able to tutor anything from Chinese to Accountancy. The most popular WACE subjects are often Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English, these are also the most difficult subjects to gain good marks in. With so many topics that need to be covered in such a short amount of time it is essential for students to gain that little bit of extra help to have a full grasp of any subject.

What can a My Academy Online High School Tutor offer?

My Academy’s online high school tutors are able to offer a wealth of experience in their chosen subjects as well as experience in tutoring the current curriculum’s. The high school tutors are able to explain each topic in a number of ways so that any student can comprehensively understand the topic and discover a method that works for them. The high school Maths tutors all have a number of methods to convey and explain each topic that can make even the hardest areas seem easy.

High school students who require tuition inevitably have unique areas that they need to be addressed, therefore My Academy has found that for the majority of students one to one tuition is the most beneficial. There are exceptions to every rule and some high school students prefer the comfort of peer support or indeed the challenge of competing against peers. For these reasons My Academy does offer paired tuition for high school students. It is recommended, that for paired tuition to work, both students should be at a similar level.

How can My Academy Online High School Tutoring help?

Exam anxiety can be the cause of very bright students never achieving their desired goals. The high school tutors are able to offer exam techniques and strategies as well as tuition in how to study for an exam. The more prepared any student can be the more likely they are to succeed in an exam situation.

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