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Find out how My Academy Online GATE Tutoring can help your child.

Every parent wants the best for their child’s education. When it comes to high school students with aspirations for excellence, enrolling in an online high school GATE tutoring program can be a game-changer. We understand the unique challenges and goals of high-achieving students and offer tailored support to help them reach their full potential.

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs are designed to meet the specific needs of academically gifted students. In high school, these programs become even more critical as students prepare for university and future career success. Our online high school GATE tutoring is here to provide the extra guidance these exceptional students require.

What can a My Academy Online GATE Tutor offer?

The majority of places on the extension courses are taken by the Year 6 students entering in Year 7.  The number of places for higher years is dependent on the changing numbers within the schools.  This makes it even harder to gain a place in Years 9, 10 and 11.  At My Academy we are proud to state that we have helped many high school students claim these coveted places.

Our experienced online GATE tutors are very familiar with the exam layout and how to best improve skills to gain those extra marks that can be the difference between being offered a place and not being offered a place.  They will work through exam strategies as well as the skills needed for all sections of the exam.  The online GATE tutors have helped students to improve their Writing, Maths, Science and Abstract Reasoning to the level required to gain entrance.

How can My Academy Online GATE Tutoring help?

The My Academy online GATE tutors use a range of writing stimuli and Maths problems so that the students can feel truly prepared for anything they are given on the exam day.  The students will also experience a range of Abstract Reasoning materials so that they are able to answer these questions at speed and with accuracy.

We only offer one on one tuition or paired tuition for high school students as our GATE tutors have found that often the students have very individualised needs by this point in their schooling.  The My Academy online tutors pride themselves on helping students enter the exams confidently and feeling that that have prepared properly.

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