Did you know that 497 million people speak Hindustani? And 392 million people speak Spanish? These are among the top five most widely spoken languages in the world.

Learning a new language can be one of the most rewarding activities that you, or your child, embark on in life. And age is certainly not something that you should consider a hindrance – what is more important is your commitment and interest in the task at hand! Why not have a go now and test your skills at:www.languagesonline.org.uk

More and more children of Primary age are beginning to study a foreign language, which is something the Australian government is encouraging even further. For such young learners, the emphasis should be on learning how to communicate so that lessons are based on fun, engaging activities such as songs, role plays and team games. In fact, children can start to learn a new language even before they are able to write in their mother tongue.

As for learning another language as an adult, there is nothing as satisfying as travelling to another country and being able to communicate with people in their own language. For those with English as a mother tongue, it is all too easy to assume that others will speak our language. But it is a fact that when you at least attempt to communicate in their native tongue, people appreciate the effort and will try even harder to help you out. Moreover, ordering a ‘zumo de naranja’, ‘ jus d’orange’, or a ‘主な訳語’is infinitely more satisfying than just hollering for an orange juice. There are so many fascinating other cultures out there so let’s get exploring!

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