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Find out how My Academy Online English Tutoring can help your child.

A My Academy Primary online English tutor shares the belief that dedicated, sensitive and intelligent teaching is particularly important. Our dedicated online primary age English tutors, understand the unique learning needs of young students. Our mission is to provide a supportive and enriching learning environment that fosters a love for English language skills while ensuring academic success. With a team of experienced tutors, we are here to help your child thrive.  Primary English tutoring differs from the curriculum’s other principle subjects in that there is often not a definitive ‘right or wrong’ answer. There are some areas of the topic, such as structure and style, which can be open to interpretation and rely on gaining a fundamental understanding of the basics of reading and writing.

What can a My Academy Online English Tutor offer?

My Academy offers online one on one English tuition for all Primary years from Kindy through to Year 6.  Our online tutoring offers the convenience and flexibility of learning from the comfort of home, while still receiving the personalised attention that a traditional classroom may lack. With tailored lessons, your child can progress at their own pace, focusing on areas that need the most improvement. The Primary English tutors are all qualified teachers who work closely with the curriculum and are able to tailor all sessions to ensure that students are striving for the correct level in English.  The English tutors will assess the learning style of the student and make sure that they are taught in a way that best suits their ability to learn, whether this is through more visual, kinaesthetic or audio activities.

How Can My Academy Online English Tutoring help?

Some of the benefits to online English tutoring include:

  • Personalised Learning: Our tutors work closely with each student to identify their strengths and areas for growth. This personalised approach ensures that your child receives targeted instruction that aligns with their unique learning style.
  • Engaging Curriculum: We believe that learning should be engaging and enjoyable. Our curriculum is designed to capture your child’s interest, making the learning process fun and exciting.
  • Effective Communication: English language skills encompass reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our tutors help your child master all aspects of English communication, building a strong foundation for future academic and personal success.
  • Confidence Boost: As your child develops their English skills, they will gain confidence in their abilities. This newfound confidence extends beyond the classroom and positively impacts various areas of their life.

Our focused teaching methods help to ensure that each child develops a sound foundation in spelling, grammar, reading and writing.  The online Primary English tutors will use a range of texts to demonstrate different writing styles and expose all students to a selection of genres. In addition, with our years of experience, our English teachers use innovative teaching methods which can help children develop better levels of concentration and a positive working attitude.

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