Questions you may have about online tuition at My Academy
  1. Why should I choose this option for my child?

With so many of our clients already benefiting from online delivery, we have seen the benefits:

  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Online tuition decreases the demands placed on the parent and child, allowing one area of the family schedule to stay stress free.
  • PERSONAL OWNERSHIP OF LEARNING: Online tuition services grant students the flexibility to take their schedule into their own hands, giving the student a sense of ownership over their learning.
  • CHOICE & ADDED VALUE: With more time on their hands and resources at their fingertips, our students now have access to a range of expertise not limited to one tutor and one in-person weekly appointment.Students are also able to work with tutors who live far away from them, perhaps even in a different country! The increased options helps ensure students can find the perfect fit for their needs, learning style and personality.
  • FLEXIBILTY: Online learning makes it a lot easier to move session timing according to other appointments or exam schedules. Students aren’t limited to when they or their tutor are physically able to get to a specific location, and do not have to consider the opening and closing hours of a tuition centre.
  • COMFORT: Being in their own space can reduce anxiety for students. This can be especially true for sensitive or neurodivergent students who may find being in a less familiar environment causes sensory overload or discomfort.
  • PARENT COMMUNICATION: For parents and carers who work and/or balance the commitments of multiple children, it can be challenging to get into the centre at pick-up and drop-off time to have a chat with the tutor. Online tuition can make it a lot easier for parents to ‘pop in’ at the end of the session for a quick chat!
  • ADAPTABLE LESSONS: The tuition sessions themselves can adapt more easily to a student’s changing needs when they are online. While tutors plan their sessions ahead of time, frequently, lesson plans have to be changed on the spot (or even completely disregarded!). In-person, this can mean having the right physical materials at hand, but online, there are a huge range of resources at the tutor’s fingertips which seamlessly integrate into the online learning format.
  • A RESOURCE HUB: With fully online record-keeping of lessons and communication, the online tuition format becomes a personalised ‘resource hub’ for each student. Lesson materials, helpful resources, follow-up feedback and instructions, and parent, student and tutor communication are all in one place for you to access.
  1. What will change?

While our new online tuition delivery mode is different… it’s not different. You are still with My Academy, which means:

  • 1-to-1 attention for your child with an approved tutor
  • Quality teaching standards that are ahead of the curve
  • Quality materials and resources, developed with expertise, to support learning
  • The same range of areas we can help with, including exam and GATE preparation… plus the potential for much, much more.

While the tutor and student are not in the same room, the outcomes are the same when choosing My Academy.

  1. What about my Early Years child?

Early Childhood Education and most of primary school is marked by hands-on experiences and play. We know this is important, and we will support you in preparing a ‘hybrid’ experience by having the right, easily-sourced materials on hand to support their online instruction – things like playing cards, dice and straws!

  1. How will it work?

Our online tuition service has been carefully designed to allow you to manage and experience lessons through a convenient and easy-to-use system. Your tutor will orientate you and set up processes and expectations tailored to your child. All information is at your fingertips – assignments are uploaded and the tutor can ask for and provide records of all work completed – saved online for parents to see.

  1. How do I receive feedback on my child’s progress?

The online tuition system has an online messaging service which means you have direct access with your tutor and can share documents and information at your convenience.

  1. Can I have the same tutor I have now?

As soon as we are ready to go, our admin team will send our current clients a link to access their tutor’s timetable, to be able to schedule their continuing sessions.

  1. How do I give feedback on the tutor?

Our online tuition service features options to rate and review tutors! This means you are not only providing your feedback to management, but you can see how other tutors are rated.

  1. What are the fees for this service?

Our fees will remain approximately the same as we deliver the same outcomes in an online format. Fees will not be higher, even with the additional range of choice and resources available in this format.

Comparable online services charge about the same as we do – the key difference is we have expertise, resources and teaching practices you already trust.

  1. How will I see what my child is doing?

Parents have a log-in so that they can see what their child has been working on with their tutor during online lessons. All documents and information can be shared in our system for parents to access at any time. Of course, with the tuition online, you have the ability to ‘pop in’ and say hi before, during or after the session and chat with the tutor.

  1. What if I need help?

We are working hard to create clear systems and processes to ensure your experience is an efficient and rewarding one. Your tutor will be your main point of contact to help you on a weekly basis as you work with them.

If you have questions, online resources like this one will pick up common questions so you have quick-access answers, and in addition, our admin team is still available as we transition to our online delivery model, to help with any issues you may have.

  1. How will you ensure a smooth transition to the online tuition model?

Our admin team will be available to help you in the transition early in 2023, and our tutors are undergoing training in the new system and should be able to answer questions you may have in navigating the platform. There of course will be more information on the website!

  1. When is the online tuition platform available and how do I book?

Join or stay on our mailing list to receive the link to the fully-integrated new system as soon as it is available – this is estimated for late January 2023.