The NAPLAN tests are over for another year and after all the stress leading up to them, you may be thinking, ‘Now what?’

Here are some useful places to go for more information if you are concerned about how NAPLAN test results are used.

How are NAPLAN results used? (From the NAPLAN website,

  • • Schools use results to identify strengths and weaknesses in teaching programs and to set goalsin literacy and numeracy.
  • • School systems use results to review programs and support offered to schools.
  • • Students and parents may use individual results to discuss progress with teachers.
  • • Teachers use results to help them better identify students who require greater challenges or additional support.
  • • The community can see average school NAPLAN results on the My School website.

NAPLAN shows our kids are getting smarter

Comments from WA’s Education Chief Sharryn O’Neill

And a different view… where NAPLAN fails according to teachers

Whatever your view, for now NAPLAN is a reality and it’s a fine balance between preparing children for the experience of formal exams and diffusing anxiety that can build unnecessarily for children, parents and teachers alike. At the end of the day the best sources of information about how your child is doing are their teachers and tutors.

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