High school in 2021: Where will your child need support?

The world that students now enter into when they begin high school is a different world from what it would have been even a few years ago. As they progress through high school they will continue to experience change, including differences in career pathways, curriculum areas and modalities of study, even to what their siblings experienced. We all feel the fast pace at which life around us is changing, and this is just as true in the classroom. As these changes come about, it’s important to be aware of areas in which students may need support.


Changing curriculum


Education is starting to bring into focus the new skills that will be needed in the future. While the upcoming needs of the modern workforce are uncertain, it is widely agreed that this future is already here, with new innovations transforming business all the time. This has a flow-on effect not only to those looking for work but students who will start to create their futures through the subjects they study and the skills they acquire.


School curricula are increasingly focusing on technology right throughout high school, from coding skills in lower secondary school to studies of engineering at WACE level. Robotics and AI are subjects we are hearing more about and students are being exposed to them too. In addition, with changes in the way we work and mental health becoming more of a focus in workplaces, studies in areas such as Psychology are becoming more relevant to prepare high school students with the skills and knowledge that will likely be needed in the future of work.


The way we study is changing too


While the traditional learning areas of Maths and English still matter, there are changes in the way students engage with material and the kinds of content they need to be able to work with to equip them for the future. For example, the English curriculum is including an increased emphasis on multi-modal texts, with students being asked to analyse less traditional forms of media such as graphic novels as well as a range of digital medias.


With more and more independence in the way they access information, students need a whole new level of proficiency and discernment in finding, sorting and making meaning from information. We have previously written about what constitutes sound Internet research skills in this article.


Supporting your child in 2021


With recent disruptions to schooling and the usual pressures of transitioning to a new year at school, children have significant challenges to navigate as we move forward in 2021. There are many ways in which individual attention with a tutor can support your child to adapt, from essential skills and knowledge through to specialised subjects equipping them for the new world of work. At My Academy we are addressing the changing landscape with a team that includes tutors who have specialist knowledge in new areas – so please ask for what you need and we may be able to help.

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