At My Academy, we often have students desperate to book in for cramming sessions around exam time and this can be stressful both for student and parent when scheduling difficulties occur! Keep in mind that tutoring centres are always busiest close to exam time and if you can book a regular spot from early on, you save yourself scheduling issues just before exams.

More importantly, the best results are obtained for those of our students who do a steady hour or two in their chosen subjects each week, from early on. The Revision and Exam Skills Study Guide from the University of Leicester suggests
planning a study timetable and monitoring from early on how you are progressing with your understanding and recall of concepts. This will give you time to adjust your revision style or add more sessions if needed.

If you are choosing to study on your own you may be leaving to chance whether or not you are providing yourself with your optimum learning conditions. As pointed out in the above university’s study guide, students have different learning styles and needs, different levels of understanding and different ways of responding to stress. Including some structured, long-term supervised tuition can ensure you are giving yourself the best chance.

It’s said that two heads are better than one, and students can benefit not only from working with a teacher but from revising with other students. It’s sometimes easier to remember facts and concepts when they come up in a more social, verbal context rather than solely being presented in reading materials. You can pick things up from others that you may have otherwise missed. And the increased motivation that comes from working in a group can go a long way to helping
cover the necessary material. Here are some tips for studying in groups.

Our group revision workshops in the July holidays will help students in Years 11 and 12 to cover important Maths concepts in preparation for exams, giving them time to follow up with areas of difficulty in more detail later if needed. Our
holiday programmes fill up early so enrol now.

If you’d like to see a group revision class in another subject at My Academy, be sure to make a request!


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