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Find out how My Academy Online Maths Problem Solving Workshops can help your child.

By the time students reach Year 5 they are all more than capable of using the main Maths operations – adding, multiplying, dividing and subtracting.  Applying these methods to complex problems can often prove to be more than tricky.  Reading the Maths problems carefully and knowing how to interpret what is being asked is a key skill in Maths and is not only valuable for GATE preparation but also in everyday Maths in school. 

What can a My Academy Online Maths Problem Solving Workshop offer?

The GATE exam is only long and complicated word problems that will require working through multi-steps to solve the problems at speed.  It is important that students can read the questions and understand what Maths operations to use quickly.  The Maths Workshop covers problem solving skills and strategies for best tackling those tricky wording issues.

The students will experience a range of different Maths questions that cover many different aspects of Maths.  The National Curriculum now ensures that all aspects of Maths operations are covered each year and these problems will enhance the students understanding of the operations and how they apply them to problem solving.

How can a My Academy Online Maths Problem Solving Workshop help?

Within the Maths Problem Solving Workshops the students will do example questions in the style of the GATE questions, in short, timed conditions as well as look at exam strategies and techniques. These GATE exam workshops are run by a qualified teacher in the July Holidays and are limited to 8 in a group.  Holding the Maths Problem Solving Workshops 9 months before the actual exam gives the students the chance to solidify strategies before needing to apply them at high speed.

The Maths Problem Solving Workshops run in the July School Holidays.  If it is not showing as available, it is either after July or fully booked.  All workshops are uploaded to book at the start of March ready for the new GATE cohort.

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