Exam time can be just as stressful for parents, as it is for their children – although it’s unlikely that the latter will appreciate this! Unfortunately, exams are a fact of life but they can feel like impassable mountains when looming on the horizon. The key to exam survival is to prepare thoroughly so that students avoid unnecessary stress. They should also practise using exam techniques; knowing the content is all very well but they need to be able to convey it onto the exam paper under a pressurised environment. The team at My Academy have put together some tried and tested tips for success in exams:

  • Start planning well in advance. It’s helpful to put together a revision timetable laying out all areas for revision. Highlight the problem areas and spend more time on these, rather than avoiding them!
  • Use revision time wisely. Yes, make a plan but don’t spend so long on it that it becomes more of a focus than the revision itself. This is a common pitfall.
  • Find a routine and a workspace. Parents can help with this by putting aside a quiet room in the house and making sure that younger siblings don’t disturb the students’ work routine.
  • Take short breaks from revision – give yourself goals and reward yourself with a break or a snack when you reach them. This will help with concentration.
  • While revising, constantly go back and test yourself. DON’T just cram more and more information without checking you can remember it.
  • Parents can encourage their children to teach them new concepts (teaching others  can be the best way to consolidate knowledge). Or ask your child if they would like to be tested but remember to offer plenty of encouragement along the way!
  • Do as many past papers as possible – ask teachers or tutors where to find them.
  • Energy intake is key – allow for plenty of sleep, nutritional food and vitamins.
  • Have a good breakfast and avoid cramming on the morning of the exam.
  • Try to avoid last minute nerves. If your child is particularly anxious on the day, suggest that they avoid talking to friends about what they have revised – this will only increase the feeling of panic….






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