board games and learning

How board games can help your child learn these holidays

While the summer break is a great time to focus on social, community and family connection, it can sometimes be

family games

Family connection during a most unusual Christmas – Some ideas to enjoy family time in new ways this year

The events of 2020 have us now approaching a very unusual festive season. With much travel still restricted, and health

brain games

Fun family games that are good for your brain

It’s nearly that time again… the new school year! We’ve now had a lovely long break, and in the few

how the brain works

Use the holidays to create space for the brain

A now well-researched field of study is how the brain thinks. It has been found that the ‘Default Mode Network’

about your brain

Has your brain gone to sleep over the holidays?

This one is for the kids!   It’s creeping towards mid-January and we’ve all been on holiday for quite a

exam preparation

How small group classes help kids learn

We all know that group learning fosters social skills, but why is small-group learning such an advantage for students’ cognitive

Planning for success at school

It has been well documented that goal setting is important for students’ success at any age. Goals provide clarity and

How Does Food Affect Performance in School?

Another Monday morning when the alarm has ‘mysteriously’ not worked again.  Everyone is rushing to get ready…..finish the weekend homework